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Kenneth Cole collaborates with Kane 11 socks

Kenneth Cole collaborates with Kane 11 socks+

Kenneth Cole and Kane 11 have launched a collaboration of no-show socks in individual shoe sizes. The socks come in seven exact sizes – 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13. The partnership was established to highlight the brands' common goal of combining innovation, style and comfort.

These socks were partially inspired by Kenneth Cole wanting something to pair with his brand's Liam sneaker. The sneaker has a fully cushioned inner sole with soft leather uppers, and the lines create a great silhouette for no show socks.

Kane 11 has seen burgeoning growth in America and has revolutionized socks by initiating a new standard of fit by creating socks in exact shoe sizes. Most men's socks come in expansive size ranges like 9-13 or one-size-fits-all. The precise fit of these no-shows guarantees they won't fall down or bunch up in the toe and they stay where customers would want at all times.

Kane 11 X Kenneth Cole socks come four to a pack with one of each color – black, white, navy and grey. The 4-pack is at a price point of 42 dollars and 50 cents and is now available exclusively at KennethCole.com.

photo: courtesy of Kane 11 Socks