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Laura Biaggioti to stage runway show in September

Laura Biaggioti to stage runway show in September

Laura Biaggioti is doing what few brands are daring to do next September, staging a physical runway show. New York Fashion Week is expected to be mostly digital right now, Burberry has announced a physical outdoor show for London Fashion Week, and now Laura Biaggioti is planning to stage a runway show on September 13 in Rome.

This is actually a turn of events for Laura Biaggioti, as the brand usually holds their runway show during Milan Fashion Week. Instead, the planned runway show is taking place more than a week before the start of Milan Fashion Week on September 22. The show will take place on the Capitoline Hill, one of Rome's seven hills that the company has helped restore.

The runway show is titled Roman Renaissance and will be a sort of love letter from the brand to Rome. The brand's late namesake founder lived and worked in Rome with her daughter Lavinia Biagiotti Cigna throughout the course of her career.

This event marks a return to the runway for Laura Biaggioti, as the brand opted for showroom appointments last season as coronavirus cases began surging in Italy. Italy was once one of the global epicenters of the coronavirus pandemic, but thanks to strict lockdown measures they have seen a sharp decline in cases and it's expected the country might even be able to avoid a second wave of mass infections.

photo: laurabiaggioti.it