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Nordstrom Basics Are My Jam, and These Under-$55 Picks Are Bringing Me Joy

Everyone plays favorites with where they go to shop for certain fashion items. Maybe your ultimate destination for cute shoes is Shopbop (us too) or you go ham on H&M's pretty dresses (same, again). Well, when it comes to basics, I'm a die-hard for Nordstrom. No matter what time of year it is or which direction my style is leaning towards at the moment, I can usually be found eyeing the retailer's winning selection of wardrobe staples and, on occasion, adding them to my cart.

Since I consider myself an expert in this arena, I've taken it upon myself to showcase all the useful clothing items that are filling my cart (and my heart) right now. It includes items like the basic $8 bodysuit I wear with everything to the wide-leg trousers I want to wear all fall, and so much more. Naturally, everything I'm loving at the moment is affordable, too, with nothing topping $55 in this roundup. So continue on to see all the best affordable Nordstrom basics which I've helpfully broken down by category.

Who knew buttons could make such a difference?

For that subtle '90s feel.

It's swelteringly hot out right now, and this lightweight tank is about the only thing I want to wear. (Don't worry, it also comes in black.)

Even better than a racerback tank since you'll always have the perfect tuck.

Our favorite former Nordstrom buyer thinks this is the ultimate top to wear with jeans—and so do we.

This tank is finally back in stock—you know what to do.

A reminder that basic does not have to equal boring.

I know you already saw the tank version of this, but how charming is this baby blue?

Comfy, cute, easy. This checks a lot of boxes.

Have you heard? Knit dresses are going to be big for fall.

A good litmus test when shopping for casual dresses is to see if it goes well with classic sneakers and, well, yes.

Wear this with sandals now and then throw on a big blazer and boots once fall hits.

Last time I looked at the product page for this, Nordstrom told me that 499 people were viewing it. Will you be the 500th?

It's not every day these editor-favorite Levi's are on sale. Just saying.

It's never a bad time to add a fresh pair of skinnies to your arsenal.

From the color to the wide-leg fit, these hit on so many fall trends.

Don't let summer pass you by without trying one of these French girl-approved denim short outfits.

All the yes.

"Jazz pants" are the trend that's about to replace your skinny leggings.

Fun fact: these were made from recycled plastic bottles.

This isn't the only Nike item you'll see here.

Yes, these are essential.

Pretty and cozy.

I don't usually wear prints when I workout, but I can make an exception for this.

I said "wow" out loud to myself when I saw these.

I'm so into this soft green color.

Does anyone wear real bras anymore? Asking for a friend.

I'm leaning fill tilt into the '90s and not looking back.

So much chicer than rubber flip-flops.

A low-heeled mule like this is versatile and seasonless.

I'm really into ballet flats again thanks to modern updates like a square toe.

I'll always have room for another fun scrunchie.

The #1 accessory trend of the summer, according to me.

I'm trying to re-create some of EmRata's outfits and plan to style this belt with high-waisted jeans, a white top, and plenty of gold jewelry to emulate her style.

If we're still going to be wearing masks this fall, they might as well be cute.

These are über useful since they minimize creases in your hair.

These are almost too pretty to wear for workouts. Almost.

Next up: 31 accessories so good Nordstrom can barely keep them in stock.