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Raf Simons x Eastpak F20 Collection

Raf Simons x Eastpak F20 Collection

Available September 25th, 2020

Eastpak once again crosses swords with the brand’s long-standing sparring partner, Raf Simons. This latest collaboration with the Belgian fashion designer has, namely, yielded a striking and provocative reinvention of some of our most iconic shapes: three new transformative renditions of our classic Padded Pak’r® backpack – in XL, regular, and XS – and an equally subversive yet versatile Waist Bag. All of which are seamlessly fused within the futuristic vision of Simons’ Fall 2020 menswear collection.

Scattered with apocalyptic references ranging from Blade Runner to Bowie, this elegant and sophisticated collection is produced for an invented future elite: what Simons dubs the “Solar Youth”. Delicately poised on the brink between nostalgia and science-fiction, the collection is hopeful and resolute in the face of an uncertain future. As attested by the emphatic expressions of defiance scribbled across various sow-on patches: “We are the future,” “We are forever,” and “They can’t stop all of us!”


Raf Simons F20 x Eastpak – September 25th , 2020


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