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The "Grunge" Aesthetic Is About To Be Everywhere This Fall—Here's What to Buy

It is common to see flannel plaids and chunky boots trending during the fall season, but this time around, it was the styling of said items that birthed the undeniable grunge aesthetic. The '90s look has worked its way back into the wardrobes of fashion girls everywhere over the course of the past couple of years, but all of those nostalgic comebacks finally came to a head this season on the runways. Thanks to brands like R13, Monse, and even Burberry, we have enough inspiration to start assembling grunge looks of our own this fall. 

Ahead, you'll get to gaze upon some of the grungiest looks that came down the fall/winter 2020 runways. Including classic plaids, platform boots, chain chokers, safety pins, and more, the selection ahead will provide you with the ultimate shopping picks plus a few styling tips along the way. 

The grunge aesthetic really emphasizes that dark flannel look, and we love how Burberry mixed two different hues and plaids in this outfit. Worn over more delicate silky pieces like a slip dress, this look feels so fresh for fall. 

Repeat after me: Chains, safety pins, and belts. These three details will make or break your attempt at achieving the grunge vibe. Even if you're wearing a simple black suit, the addition of a chunky chain choker and san edgy belt will instantly transform your look. 

From the cropped and ripped flannel to the buckled leather harness, this look proves that even a ruffled midi skirt and white crystal-adorned pumps can benefit from a little grunge update this season. 

Leather and a classic plaid look perfect when paired together. While this particular ensemble reads more elegant, the addition of a chunky boot would edge it up in all the right ways. 

This one needs no explanation. A long '90s slip dress, chain choker, and combat boots are a sure-fire way to win at this trend. 

Got an old moto jacket lying around in your closet somewhere? Then whip it out, pair it with some trousers and Dr. Martens and you've got yourself an easy grunge-approved fall look. 

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