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Video: How fashion companies can re-imagine racial equality

Executive director of Black & Brown Founders Aniyia Williams sits down with BoF founder Imran Amed to discuss ways to create racial equality in fashion and the workplace. Black & Brown Founders is an organization providing community, education, and opportunities to Black and Latinx entrepreneurs. Williams shares her insight on how companies can re-imagine racial equality. Source: Chanel, via YouTube

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You Look Moist: Aurora James on DIY Lip Balm and the Ultimate Pimple Antidote

Welcome to You Look Moist, a column in which Man Repeller asks cool people with glowing visages how they achieved their supreme hydration (amongst other things). Today’s installment features Aurora James, the founder of Brother Vellies and 15 Percent Pledge. How would you describe your skin? My skin and I have had a volatile but passionate […] The post You Look Moist: Aurora James on DIY Lip Balm and the Ultimate Pimple Antidote appeared first on Man Repeller.

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Dior Men collaborates with Ghanaian artist Amoako Boafo

For spring/summer 2021, Dior Men’s Kim Jones has created a collection aimed as a “celebration of identity, of power of creativity” as he pays homage to Ghanaian-born artist Amoako Boafo. The collaboration came about after a meeting at the Rubell Museum in Miami, where Jones describes it as “artistic love at first sight” in the show notes, which has led to an “intimate, all-encompassing and honest cultural conversation” since 2019, and is at the heart of the Dior Men’s spring/summer 2021 collection. Entitled ‘Portrait of an Artist’, the collection features a cornucopia of stripes, florals and neons, with the colours drawn from the vivid, near-surreal hues of Amoako Boafo’s artworks, while the graphic patterns, jacquard of paintbrush strokes, are based...

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La collezione Primavera Estate 2021 di Commas

"Spero che questa collezione porti le persone verso un vero e proprio viaggio di relax all’interno di sè stessi. Ho guardato indietro verso i miei ricordi preferiti delle vacanze, sfogliando album fotografici e ascoltando playlist ad hoc per sviluppare la collezione. Attraverso quei ricordi ho voluto creare qualcosa per il futuro, una rappresentazione di gioia e libertà, in unione a un sentimento generale di calma.” È con le parole del direttore creativo Richard Jarman che vi raccontiamo in anteprima la collezione Primavera Estate 2021 di Commas, il brand con sede a Sydney nato nel 2017. Il DNA di Commas è molto forte: la sostenibilità, la tradizione sartoriale e le silhouette pulite sono i segni riconoscibili del brand, nato dalla mente...

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Why re-commercing may be the new retail revolution

Excess inventory is not a new problem, but for retailers now, finding stock exit routes for SS20 collections is an absolute priority. It has changed from an accounting afterthought to a critical role in retail supply chains. Covid-19 has given the fashion industry the unique opportunity to entirely reset its value chains into more sustainable, efficient and shock-proof ways. During the pandemic, retailers have also deferred stock and cancelled orders. A popular strategy is opting for out-of-character discounting to make up for lost sales. Although this may generate some short-term revenue, heavy discounting inevitably dilutes brand prestige. Unsold inventory also includes online returns. Returns are anticipated to rise as brands invest in online platforms and further lockdowns loom. Effective returns...

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