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Design Thinking Challenge

Exercise from UX/UI Design Course in Neoland

As a Neoland student, before starting the Bootcamp course, we are required to follow some pre-course activities. In the first phase, we learned the UX Design process. The design thinking challenge consists in the practice of the next phases: empathize, define, design and rapid prototyping on paper.

Image from Teenvogue


Zara is a chain of stores...

5 basic UX fundamentals — Illustrated

5 basic UX fundamentals — Illustrated

Back in 2019, I started to mentor new joiners to start their career in UX Design, later, I decided to publish my own stories that help new joiners to understand the complex concepts I faced during my transition journey from Engineering to UX years ago.

I spent months trying to figure out the best way to do it, not realising that the solution was in front of my...

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Fear and Inner Resistance on the Way to Business Innovation: 5 Keys to Overcome Them

How To Manage Inner Resistance to Change [Practices for CEOs and Designers]

Digital Illustration by Fireart

You feel them inside. Big and innovative ideas are striving for implementation. Most of us are even afraid of accepting innovation, not to mention incorporating it. Everyone is scared of leaving a comfort zone and moving forward to the unknown future. However, not moving is not the way.