Online Resources for self-isolated UI Designers

Slow down and enjoy these amazing design assets!

These times are tough.

Many articles suggesting that now it’s time to be ultra-productive, what rather results in enhanced anxiety and stress-level. Instead of working crazy hours, you can now finally slow down, be with your loved ones (if you are fortunate enough) and start loving your profession again!

Ditch social media and FOMO and make your mind busy with awesome design content. So here is my list:

1. Boost your craft with online tutorials!

Enhance your design workflow and learn new skills

Meng To’s website is leading this game. The quality of the videos and the unique content is insanely good. DesignCode teaches designers to code and developers to design, moreover it helps you improve your current design processes with this Figma and iOS Design tuts.

I am currently watching a comprehensive Webflow tutorial in order to build dynamic websites easily and started to lay eyes on the new Swift UI courses.

Learn UI Animation with InVision Studio

InVision Studio is very handful if you want to create kickass UI animations. Last year, I’ve used it for high-fidelity prototyping very often in order to really show developers what I want.

My favourite resources to learn InVision Studio:

  • For the beginner level, I think it’s best to start with the official Exploration videos.
  • For more advanced content you can watch Greg Grog’s tutorials here, or this microsite from MDS.
  • +1 InVision is trying to reach out to the community more and more, so check out their official Dribbble profile where you can find valuable uploaded studio files uploaded by the InVision Design team.

2. Read (hands-on) design books and articles!

There are tons of design books out there with a great theoretical overview but only a few of them provide actionable tactics.

My all-time-favourite is Refactoring UI. This book is pure gold for anyone who wants to understand why certain UIs are working and others don’t. You can learn about using visual hierarchy, personality, colors and much more in your UIs.

My other hero is Erik Kennedy. This guy also offering a kickass course for UI Designers but also useful articles about iOS 13 Guidelines, differences between iOS and Android mobile patterns and many more.

InVision is also offering tons of books on its platform. One of my favourite ones is the Animation Handbook, which helps you “replacing “telling” with “showing.”

A more theoretical but must-have book for UI Designers is Don Norman’s book about the Design of everyday things. This book alone helped me understand the importance of affordances and signifiers in UI Design.

The Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman

For the daily dose of inspiration, I am reading every day the UI Design section of HeyDesigner and the newsletter.

+1 In case you feel that you spend too much time on social media during the self-quarantine I am strongly recommended the Make Time book by Jake Knapp & John Zeratsky which helps you leave your phone and live the moment.

3. Rewatch design conferences

If you miss design conferences, try to be nostalgic watching the “previous episodes”:

All the videos from Dribbble’s Hangtime and Figma’s Config conference are online!

4. Connect with a community

E-meeting other design folks online is very handy if you are working as a solo designer, but also in cases when you just want to receive feedback or chit-chat about the current trends.

5. Listen to podcasts

Listening to podcasts was my daily activity during commuting. Now I am listening to them while washing the dishes. Here are my favourite ones:

  • UI Breakfast — Exciting conversations from Illustration in UX to writing Microcopy
  • Podcast — Let’s dive into a connected workflow and see how large design organizations work.
  • Product Breakfast club — AJ&Smart’s podcast with humor and behind-the-scenes episodes about how “products are designed” and how companies using the Design Sprint process in order to build better products.

What is your favourite UI Design content or main source of inspiration? Write down in the comment section below! 

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