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Lifestreaming Comes to Yahoo! with MyBlogLog Overhaul

Yahoo! owned MyBlogLog flipped the switch tonight on a major overhaul of user profile pages and now integrates activity data from other services around the web.

Less than a week after a small investment in the ex-Googler founded FriendFeed put lifestreaming on a lot of peoples’ maps – the entry of a Yahoo! property could be a game changer in a market full of startups.

The smartly reorganized profiles let you look at an individual’s opt-in exposed activity on sites like Del.icio.us, Last.fm, YouTube and LinkedIn or click over to a view of all their friends’ recent activities as well. From your profile page it’s easy to see what your own friends in this distributed social network for blog readers are doing on other social networks. It’s a very different experience and a lot like other players in the increasingly popular lifestreaming market.

MyBlogLog will be experimenting with different ping rates to refresh data from the other services and it isn’t intended for minute-by-minute scanning, but for most people updates of their friends’ activities every few hours will be more than sufficient.

Here’s my profile page, if you’d like to be friends. I wish Ma.gnolia were a supported service, but more on MBL’s shortcomings below.

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MyBlogLog still has a ways to go before it can be as good a lifestreaming service as several others available, but it is becoming a more and more useful way to keep track of part of your community all the time.

The community view consists of the activities of people you have friended in MyBlogLog, and there’s little prompting to add new friends. (Two weeks ago MyBlogLog did add XFN support, so there’s certainly some standards based work going on there.) Every social app on the market, though, should look at how FriendFeed recommends friend additions, it’s a very pleasing experience that’s leading to really fast uptake this week.

Meanwhile, the MyBlogLog API is creeping closer to general public availability, the company says. Aggregate friend-streams, if you will (your friends’ activities elsewhere in one feed), have been added to the API. When that API was first announced we said it was going to be a big deal. Tonight’s overhaul of profile pages is just one more example of ways this service inside Yahoo! is quickly bringing to market technologies that a long list of startups still have behind closed beta walls. Up for sale or not, look out for the best parts of Yahoo!

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