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Ron Conway’s 7 Tech Megatrends

Techcrunch has obtained a copy of SV Angel’s list of “Tech Megatrends.” The document lists the 7 trends that SV Angel, led by investor Ron Conway, is eyeing.

Having your service on this trend list doesn’t guarantee funding; nor does being absent from the list mean you necessarily have a bad or out-dated idea. But the trends list is likely to be taken into consideration by SV Angel, at the least, when assessing “what’s hot.”

The trends are:

  • Social
  • Real Time
  • Location Based Services
  • The Urban Entrepreneur
  • Mobile
  • Flash Sales
  • Behavior & Transactions

The list isn’t terribly surprising: location-based networks and Groupon clones are popping up everywhere.

“The Urban Entrepreneur” is an interesting trend, however. Described in part as “developing where key insights are coming from founders in large cities,” the category also says that these entrepreneurs are finding innovation in “behavior” not merely technology. Jack Dorsey, Dennis Crowley, and Jon Wheatley (from Twitter, Foursquare, and Daily Booth respectively) are cited as the examples.

What do you think about the list of trends? Any surprises?

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