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Social Media Mavens, Promote Yourself With Traackr

If you have photos, videos, music, audio, and blogs scattered across the web, you may not know how many people are viewing and responding to them. Now, with a new service called Traackr, you can organize and manage your content on the web. With Traackr, you can keep track of the popularity of your content, measure your influence, and interact with other content producers, too.

When you sign up for Traackr, you “subscribe” to various content sharing services by entering in your account information on your profile page. At the moment, this list includes YouTube, Flickr, Revver, Dailymotion, MySpace, Vox, and Last.fm.

After subscribing, your videos, photos, songs, etc. will automatically be added to your library via Traackr’s auto-discovery service. This process may take up to 24 hours.

Once your content has populated into the Traackr service, you’ll be provided with stats like number of views, comments, and ratings, as well as trend graphs which show stats over time. Traackr will also show which of your tags get the most views. Your daily numbers are compared with others on the service and you are given a buzz and popularity rating out of 100, which is added to your profile.

You can also use Traackr’s “Campaigns” feature to mix and mash up your content by creating groupings of your media objects. By starting a “campaign,” you can compare these groupings to each other to see which ones are the best performers. Using the data the campaigns provide, you can make decisions on what is the best way to market your content in the future.

If you use the Campaigns feature, you will also be put on Traackr’s “digerati” map, which is their fancy way of saying that your profile and assets are public and ranked in comparison with others. Using the “Explore” option, you can browse other profiles, or click “find people like me” to connect with others of similar interests.

Traackr’s web site still seems a tad rough around the edges. Signing up for services, for example, meant typing in your username, and pressing “enter”, but it took trial-and-error to figure that out, as there was no “OK” button present to confirm your entry. The sign-up process also allowed you to enter in all your usernames one after the other, without confirming each selection, only to discover there was no “Save” button at the bottom to save all your entries.

That being said, the service that Traackr provides could be a very useful tool for web artists like song writers, videographers, video bloggers, photographers, poets, and more. With Traackr’s statistics, you’ll know right away, your social “net worth” on the web.

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