Established over 5 years ago Boldlife Mag Influence is the world’s only donor-focused, solely dedicated philanthropic media platform.

serving as the most trusted resource for high philanthropy, the publication today works hand-in-hand with the next generation of leading charitable donors, social entrepreneurs, venture philanthropists and impact investors who are global leaders in high engagement giving.

What makes this trusted media platform unique is its close—often personal—relationship with an audience of major philanthropic donors.

We embarked on this noble journey with the “grandparents’ generation,” continued with the next generation. currently we are deeply and directly engaged with the NextGen of emerging young donors.

members of the world’s most philanthropic families is our sole mission. In the past year alone Boldlife mag Influence provides a forum for some of the world’s most engaged philanthropists to discuss challenges, successes and failures, and topics on how to be smarter about giving.

Ours is a simple concept: we provide a trusted platform for major wealth holders—or those who would be if not for their giving—to purposefully and in highly focused ways dedicate their wealth to philanthropy.

Our efforts are inspired by the example set by people at all income levels who give generously—and often at great personal sacrifice—to make the world a better place.