So how did it all start, beyond the fact that we fell in love! We are both crazy about fashion, lifestyle, and technology. Which made us set up boldl.mag a warm home for fashion, technology, and lifestyle lovers! In our warm home, you can find articles from around the world on the topics that accompany a lot of people in their daily lives like technology, design, or fashion and even purchase the products from our articles with a delivery system that does not discriminate against any country in the world.

what makes us better than our competitors is our comfortable interface and our ability to combine the fashion worlds with the technical worlds and create an interface that allows for easy and pleasant reading for our users.

Today we understand that fashion and technology are two areas that are thrown around a lot of other areas and so beyond our love of the field it was important for us to establish an interface that combines both.

We would love to know you personally, yes we always have time for that!

Nice to meet you,
Itamar and Daniel Shamrik-Stone